Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Still Here, I'm Just Feuding with My I.S.P.

Well, through my own stupidity, my account became disconnected. But not just disconnected, it was as if I had disappeared. Well, I hadn't, but it didn't matter.

I've been fighting, frustratedly for nine days to get my account reactivated, and need to wait another three.

Just saying, if I were this slow in my job, I'd have been fired.

I promised I wouldn't complain here on Fleeting History, but I felt all y'all deserved to know what happened to me.

See you soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

The secret's out. I'm a beautiful blogger. Okay, yes I look scary in a little black dress and heels...I'm not talking THAT kind of beautiful.

Feral Female of Thoughts From a Yodeling Goatherder
awarded me with the beautiful blogger award and I thank her very much. I'm quite honored to have been bestowed with such a prestigious offering.

Ten things about myself, in order of how they came to mind (not in order of importance or relevance)

1. After 5 pm I am unable to do math.

2. I really like trains and enjoy photographing them.

3. Despite being scared out of my wits at the tender age of six, I really, REALLY love Halloween and everything associated with it; especially haunted attractions and the costumes.

4. Although I have a crippling case of claustrophobia, I like spelunking.

5. Pizza, 'Nuff Said.

6. I harbor a secret desire to be a world famous musician/singer

7. I'm an award winning documentarian (don't bother looking for it on Amazon or E-bay, it was a high school project...)

8. Timothy Leary's dead -- oops, this is supposed to be about me ;-)

9. My favorite color is blue.

10. I accidentally dumped the same carton of french fries into my lap at a Mass Pike rest stop twice during dinner.

There's my top ten, er...well they aren't all in my top ten, and they're not even my ten best or greatest hits even. But they're ten things about me, and one concerning a 1960's pop culture icon. Hopefully, you've learned something new about me. There may or may not be a quiz...

Now, some of these blogs aren't necessarily beautiful, but they are what I read:

Now, I went exploring, because it wasn't fair of me to not discover new blogs. In doing so I discovered all kinds of families sharing their lives, on-line versions of baby books (should I rephrase and say on-line biographies of a child's life written by a parent?), the ubiquitous fashion bloggers, foreign sites written in all blank squares, a version of the beautiful blogger in which the recipient must post seven items one finds beautiful and pass on to seven new recipients (hmm and I thought I would be the one perverting the premise) and the occasional gem such as:

That's all I've got for now. I know there's other wonderfully enjoyable blogs waiting for me to find them, so off I go...

(for whatever reason links won't function. As usual you'll need to perform the labor intensive action of copying and pasting into an address bar to follow the URLs, sorry)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Evenings

There's something about a cool but sunny evening, between 4 and 9 pm that is really magical. Creatures and people mingle (not necessarily mixing together mind you but among their own species). Maybe it's a special dinner or a fun activity. Maybe it's the tranquility of a blissful sunset and/or the excitement of what's to come in the nighttime. Whatever the je ne sais quoi, it spurns the sentimentalist in me. Tonight as I tried to discover its origins in me I found myself recalling my Freshman year in college, after a month of gray and overcast days, after most of a semester feeling down, the sun came out one evening and I just sat in the windowsill of the dorm building's lounge for some time.

Another recollection was a Saturday evening in my parents' basement operating the HO gauge model trains listening to the radio and killing time waiting for pizza.

Maybe it's the warm fresh air after a Winter of cabin fever, when folks can finally get out and socialize for hours and hours into the night laughing and partying and playing Frisbee or Wiffle ball in their yards.

Whatever it happens to be, on those nights, it's a wonderful thing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Conversation at Work

Boss: "How are you feeling?"
Me: "I'm exhausted...dehydrated"
Boss: "Good :-)"