Sunday, August 19, 2012

3rd Annual ComiCONN

So it's been another year since the last "Show For The Fans By The Fans" and I must say, third time's the charm so far. In the Spring it seemed ComiCONN was battling against the odds, coming off of a bout against Hurricane Irene in 2011 and appropriate venues seemingly non-existant.

Well, the Trumbull, CT, Marriot stepped up to the challenge and a date was set for the Third Annual ComiCONN.Larger Than Life Mural
World reknown artists and writers attended the show on August 18, 2012 and likely helped to contribute to the overwhelmingly unexpected crowd which pushed the limits of local fire codes, and caused the cosplayers to move outside for the public photo sessions (an improvement in my opinion, especially once the weather improved).

I bought a few prints, got some comics autographed, and took nearly 300 images of costumed heroes and villains from home-made to near professional level. Stay Puff
Anime Had A Bigger Presence
One group in particular touted nearly three dozen cosplayers and was very impressive.
Hero Army Assembled
Interior Group Photo Session
Harley Quinn, Deadpool and, my personal favorite, Lady Deadpool personified their characters as if they'd jumped right off of the page. Even the Tony Stark in glowing Iron Man armor (with shades and carrying his headpiece) was true to his character (right down to the numerous heroines hanging off of him throughout the afternoon) and he could turn right around and relate to a little kid with ease. They were a great group, as you can see.
Avengers Assemble

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  1. Awesome cosplayers! Looks like a great time, MO! Thanks for sharing those images. =)