Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beautiful Tranquility

The Light Of God
If ever a fictional place came to life out of a book or movie, it would be Letchworth State Park.

I first visited Letchworth over Labor Day weekend in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the place. If I were to marry again, I'd wish the ceremony and associated photographs to be in the park. Additionally, upon my death, whenever that my be, I wish my ashes be dispersed in the park (if possible). I've not been anywhere else as peaceful and beautiful as Letchworth. More often than not, "Wow" escaped my lips compelled by the sheer natural wonder of nature's creation, respectfully adapted by a thoughtful mankind.
The Footbridge
Upon glimpsing the footbridge from high above peeking out from behind tree branches, I sought out the path which would bring me down to it.
From the Cathedral
At nearly every turn, there's a breathtaking view in the park
big sweeping Bend
But the real reason I ever ventured to Letchworth to begin with was for scenic train photographs. In 2009, I fell short of discovering a spot in the park and dedicated nearly two and a half hours this trip searching for it with a great success. Nature and the railroad cooperated for a brief wait and well-lit results
CP on Portageville Trestle
Upon returning to the Upper Falls area, located under the railroad trestle, I stumbled upon an unexpected surprise
Catwoman was awaiting bicyclists who were on a fundraising ride, rather ironic considering the previous weekend I spent all of Saturday at a local comics convention.
I didn't know which section of the park to stay in!!
Eastbound NS train On Portageville Trestle
As with the last time, I enjoyed my visit to the park, and already want to go back there again.

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